PEGAS CrafTap Ultra

Part No 179900

Advanced device for fast beer dispensing without waste.

The Pegas CrafTap Ultra is designed with the technology to fill glass growlers, bottles, jars.
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CrafTap Ultra

Craftap is designed to develop the ’take-home’ format of draught beer trade. Some bars, pubs and microbreweries all over the world already offer take-out draught beer in glass bottles to their customers. Changing consumer habits and a new global tendency towards home beer consumption make pubs and bars re-consider their traditional ’on-premise’ policy. The PEGAS CrafTap is designed to provide microbreweries, bars and pubs a tool for cost-effective draught beer dispensing into take-home containers.


  1. Affordable price

  2. Minimalist modern design

  3. Little space for installation

  4. Fits several bottle sizes

  5. Inside lighting

  6. Protects the user from potential explosion

PEGAS CrafTap — craft beer brands promotion in grocery stores
The PEGAS Craftap is an effective way for micro-breweries, high end supermarkets, and liquor stores to increase sales and heighten awareness of the products available to the market. The PEGAS Craftap help you present premium beer brands to your customers.


Filler requirements

Filling capacity depends on temperature, beer quality, and operator experience

45-120 L/h
CO2 Pressure to keg
1-2,5 bar
CO2 Flow
rate to create counter pressure
1-2,5 bar
Power Output 100-240 V
50-60 Hz
1 Amps
Power Cord Length 0,90 m
Device Weight Net 9 Kg
Gross 11 Kg

Required hoses

• 4 pcs of a hose John Guest type for connection of beer, CO2 drainage lines and body drainage outlet.
• External diameter 3/8 inches.
• Alternative: beer hoses, extern. diam. 12 mm, intern. diam. 7 mm, clamps.

Bottles requirements

• Height: 217 – 310 mm
• Max. outside diameter (including the size of the bottle handle) – 165 mm
• Outside diameter of the bottle neck: 26 – 57 mm
• Min. inside diameter of the bottle neck – 17 mm

PEGAS CrafTap 3.0