Where ideas meet people

Focus on innovations is the key concept of our company.
We invented new products and put them into mass production in the times when nobody believed this could be possible. Innovativeness means more than engineering to us; it is a set of values that influences the general principles of the organizational management.
Our goal is to create goods that would have a potential for developing new markets and business prospects.

Company today

  • 4
    stores office
  • 70 +
  • 63
  • 200 000 +
    items per year
  • 6 000 м2
    and assembly units
  • 6 000 м2
    and assembly units
  • 10
    In Engineering Department


  • 1997
    Novosibirskprodmash company was founded in Novosibirsk
  • 2001
    Development and launch into mass production of the semi-automatic equipment for dispensing water — Waterpak
  • 2004
    Development of PEGAS equipment for foam-free beer filling from PET bottles
  • 2008
    40 Russian and 3 foreign companies comprised the dealer network
  • 2009
    There were over 16,000 retail shops selling draught beer in Russia.
    The number of installed PEGAS devices outreached 80,000
  • 2010
    Official dealers of Novosibirsk­prodmash appeared in Europe
  • 2012
    Construction of the Novosibirsk­prodmash manufacturing facility was finalized. With the total area of 12,000 square meters
  • 2013
    Due to active advancement of the company on the international market, a decision was made to change the company’s name from Novosibirsk­prodmash to NPM Group
  • 2015
    The 1 000 000 Pegas devices dispense beer worldwide
  • 2016
    Changed the company’s name from NPM Group to NPM. Development of IT direction in the NPM. Started introduction of Agile methodology