PEGAS CraftPad Light

Part No 132900

Up to 6 beer lines per 1 CrafTap!

The CraftPad was designed in order to expand the PEGAS CrafTap features and allow a brewmaster to dispense up to six different beer lines per CrafTap.
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PEGAS CraftPad Light

With simple installation procedures, it is lighting weight, and has excess space on the plate to mark beer names or line numbers.

The top panel of PEGAS CraftPad can be installed a horizontal or vertical surface, such as a bar top or against a wall.


  1. Vertical or gorizontal intallation is available

  2. No beer mess: device have a CO2 purge channel

  3. 2 types beer line manifold: 4 or 6 channels

CrafTap3 + CraftPad 6+1 Proper filling technics
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  • CrafTap3 + CraftPad 6+1 Proper filling technics

Technical Data

The flow switch device CraftPad Light is made of brass, ABS plastic, stainless steel.

Filling capacity (depends on the temperature, beer qualities,
and operator qualification)

45-120 l
CO2 pressure supplied to the keg 1.5 – 2.5 bar
CO2 flow rate (to create counter-pressure) 0.2 – 0.8 kg
Outside supply hose diameter 12 mm
Inside supply hose diameter 7 mm
Device nett weight 2.9 kg
Device gross weight 3.05 kg

PEGAS CraftPad Light