Why to become?

Thank you for your interest in becoming a PEGAS dealer. We have built a well-developed distribution network in Russia and neighboring countries by providing a Dealership Program that helps authorized dealers achieve good margins and grow their businesses. We are determined to make our products available internationally by cooperating with innovation-oriented companies from all over the world.

You will get:

  • Marketing support

    Our dealers receive necessary advertising materials (product catalogues, booklets, business souvenirs), PEGAS brand — book and other materials per request.
  • Product training and extensive consulting services

    Our dealers receive a training in product installation, maintenance and after-sales service to ensure that they can provide great customer service for the end-customers of the PEGAS product line.
  • New product in high demand that will earn profits for you

    Our systems make beer bottling an easy, fast and cost-effective process, this is why they are called ‘a must have’ for every place where take away draft beer
    is served.

Who can become
a PEGAS dealer?

The Dealer Program is opened for any business organizations or business entity that has the following following features:
  • capability to provide product from dealer to end-customers
  • capabilities to provide warranty and post-warranty product services
  • resources to develop marketing materials
  • an experience in distribution of similar products
  • a consistent customer database
  • a team of qualified sales representatives

How to become
a PEGAS dealer?

  1. Submit an Application Form
  2. Sign a Dealership Agreement

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