Success stories

Cerveza en Punto, Mexico

We have been operating the PEGAS equipment for 4 months now, and we could not be happier with it. These products are high quality, extremely easy to use and provide an unmatched efficiency.

Aesthetically the PEGAS equipment is a great addition to our store’ interior, no wonder it attracts a lot of looks. Some people even like to take pictures of the equipment, as if our store was a museum. That good looking and revolutionary it is.

Our customers are very happy with the service we deliver, which is far more superior than our competitors offering. The clients get served the best way possible and very fast. We save a lot of money, as there is practically no waste and thus our revenues increase. Everybody wins.

With just two PEGAS Craftap + Craftpad we can serve up to 8 different kinds of draft beer directly to growlers, within a very short time. That is very convenient.

José Antonio Ramírez, Project Manager