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10 Jun 2016

The Growler Station Taste Test Survey

This is a great consumer's proof that ‪‎Pegas CrafTap‬ is an outstanding device for growler filling. 100% of those surveyed could taste a difference as far out the full 4 weeks, said that the beer from the growlers filled from the CrafTap tasted fresher, and was not flat. 30 days of a shelf life of a draft beer in a grolwer filled right. Awesome!


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17 Jun 2016
PEGAS on Drink Japan 2016
First exhibition devoted to the market of drinks and liquid foodstuff Drink Japan 2016 passed in Tokyo from 29 June to 1 July.
25 Feb 2016
 Growlers taking the off-trade by storm
A Pegas filling station will be installed in every future store, said Growlers UK operations manager Matthew Stanford. “It makes a big difference in terms of wastage.”