Success stories


Mr. Petr Mic

The assembly of new towers is finished. One tower is also equipped with Pegas Novotap. Before we made a new titanium treatment of the tap to fit to the tower Lukrovka. During the installation we had a little problems because the body of the tower is rounded and the thread of the tap is relative short but finally it went of. The bartender had to  learn how to work with the tap and after it the  impression was good , but I must say that the filling of the bottle takes in the end more than 30 sec. (aprrox 40). The other thing is that we use Novotap relatively seldom because we have now in the bar ten towers with various kinds of beer  and the customers are buying all kinds, not only pale lager which is tapped also by means of Pegas Novotap. In September we will organize a beer festival of small breweries and we will perform also Novotap.

[Pegas in use since June, 2009]