PEGAS NovoTap - New Product Release

The latest development of the Novosibirskprodmash Copmpany, PEGAS NovoTap, was launched was on the Russian market in October, 2008.

PEGAS NovoTap is the next generation of PEGAS TM manual bottle fillers that keeps the main operation principle of the PEGAS manual bottle filler unchangeable: less foam - more taste!

PEGAS NovoTap means:

Innovative idea
We implemented the principle of industrial bottle filling into our compact device for manual dispensing of foamy beverages from kegs to be used in retail trade. 

Easy installation and operation
It is mounted on a beer tower easy and fast. Its operation is similar to one of conventional beer tap. So any operator will cope with it.

High reliability
Its parts and joints are made of metal that increase wear - resistance and reliability in operation. The prolonged performance life of the PEGAS NovoTap saves time and money for its servicing.

Stylish design
The device is designed as per the traditions of Italian equipment, so it can decorate any retail outlet.

Low cost of ownership
One-time purchase costs will be covered fast due to its failure-free operation. No additional investments will be required for purchase and replacement of spare parts. Its failure-free operation eliminates the equipment time-out and accordingly loss of money. 

Key features of PEGAS NovoTap:   

  • Fast dispensing (3-4 times faster than with conventional beer tap)
  • Foam control in the process of dispensing (due to isobaric dispensing)
  • No beverage wastage (reduction of beer wastage to a minimum and increase of keg yield up to 97-98%)
  • Keeping of beverage quality (original taste and flavor of a beverage)
  • Hygienic bottle-filling (laminar bottle filling provided by the PEGAS NovoTap gives a much more hygienic way of filling)
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