Filling in glass bottles and beer mugs using
one device!

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  • Filling in glass bottles and beer mugs using one device!
  • PET is cheaper, more hygienic, it easier to carry, and quality of beerfilled in PET is on the same level as in glass.
  • Start a successful business with PEGAS — become our dealer!
  • PEGAS CrafTap 2.0. More beer — more money!

Company News


KIRIM DRAFT EQUIPMENT company, PEGAS dealer in Korea, took part in an outstanding event for the owners of restaurants, cafes and pubs

21-Dec-14 PEGAS CrafTap - “Fuel Station” for Beer Lovers

Manitoba (Canada) started a government pilot project on opening tap beer sales points

World Beer Industry News

25-Feb-15 10 Reasons Why Beer Is Very Good For Your Health

Up until now beer was only given credit when you got lucky on a saturday night or when you won 500 bucks at the casino.

01-Feb-15 German Beer Sales Rise

Altogether 95.6 Million Hectoliters of Beer Were Sold in Germany in 2014

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