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It seems easy to make the list of top-selling beers in different countries but it turns out to be a closely guarded industry secret to find sales statistics on the world’s biggest beer brands as they are all owned by 3-4 huge beer companies. Here you can find information on top beer brands in 13 major beer-drinking countries.

United States Many people think that America’s best selling beer is Budweiser, but it actually gets worse. Since 2001 the best selling beer in the USA has been Bud Light with an almost 16% share of the total market though it’s only sold internationally in Canada, Ireland, Mexico, Colombia and Sweden. Budweiser is a clear second place in the United States with Miller Lite, Coors Lite, and Corona Extra not far behind in the USA.

Besides international beer brands, USA has many popular beer from local draft brewers. Now days there is a tendency for micro-breweries growth and beers-to-go become more and more popular. In the nearest 5 years this tendency will sufficiently change beer market, and even such companies like Anheuser –Busch would have to reconsider its beer sales concept.

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Canada Canadians rarely pass up a chance to look down their noses at Americans because they feel nearly all their beer is better. Their best selling brand is Labatt Blue. It’s definitely at least half a step above most of the popular American beers. Coors Light has made its way up to number two, and Molson Canadian checks in third.

Brazil Many people don’t immediately think of beer when they think of Brazil, the fifth most populous country in the world with almost 200 million residents. With almost a third of the total market, the local brand Skol dominates, with Brahma getting about 20%, followed by Antarctica with about 14%. All of them are owned by InBev which is the largest brewing company in the world. 

Mexico Corona is the best selling beer in Mexico, one of the top selling imported beers in the United States and also one of the best selling beers in the world, available in over 150 countries. Tecate and Dos Equis pick up the scraps for 2nd and 3rd place in Mexico, and Tecate Light claims to be the best selling light beer in the country.  

Germany There are around 1,300 breweries in the country, so the choices are regional and varied with lager style that dominates nearly all the taps. A few huge companies dominate the German beer market, with Krombacher taking the crown as the single top brand, followed by Bitburger, Warsteiner, and Becks, which is by far the most exported German beer.

We have to note that every German likes the beer brand that is brewed in his village, rather than international beer brand.  After spending time with friends in « beer garden» you can have  a bottle of freshly poured  to go home with you. And the great solution to dispense beer into glass bottles would be- Pegas CrafTap. Beers dispensed with Pegas CrafTap will conserve its original freshness and crisp, and will give you a feeling that Reinheitsgebot  is still on in Germany up to now. Their famous Reinheitsgebot purity law that used to limit the potential ingredients has kept nearly all imported beers out of the country, even long after the EU made them give that up in 1987.

Netherlands continues to be dominated by the giant Heineken brewery. There is no doubt that Heineken Pilsner takes the first place. Its nearest competitor is Amstel bought by Heineken in 1968. Grolsch, which is known for its stay-attached bottle cap, is a distant third.

United Kingdom Long known for its “warm beer” has fancied ales instead of lagers for centuries. But lately the lagers of the world have penetrated into the market, and the regional ales get crushed by the big national brands in sales. The bestselling brand is Carling, which used to be called Carling Black Label, and isn’t well known in most of the world. Australian brand Foster’s Lager is second, Belgian brand Stella Artois is third, and Danish brand Carlsberg is fourth. Carling itself originated in Canada, so the Brits really do like their imports.

Ireland Guinness stout beer dominates the market in Ireland. Domestic sales have been dropping a bit though they still account for nearly half of the total in the country. Beer fans insist the lines have to be clean and the beer has to be fresh, so it always tastes better in Ireland than it does elsewhere. The best selling lager is Harp, which happens to be owned by Diageo, which is the same London-based company that owns Guinness.

Belgium Belgium is home of the giant InBev brewery company, and traditional lagers are still most popular. Stella Artois is by far the largest selling Belgian beer around the world, but it only holds an 8% share in the country, crushed by Jupiler, which gets around 40% of the market. This isn’t much of a rivalry however, since InBev owns both brands anyway.

Czech Republic is the world’s number one per capita beer drinking country, staying well ahead of Ireland, Germany, and Australia. It is also known as homeland of quality lager beers. Pilsner Urquell is the most famous brand internationally, and is considered the world’s first golden beer, dating back to 1842. The name comes from Pilsen, a city in the Czech Republic, and Urquell, which translates to “original source.” But in the Czech Republic itself Urquell plays second fiddle to its cheaper brother called Gambrinus, which consistently outsells the international brand. Both are owned by brewing giant SAB-Miller.

We should state that Prague’s brewers, that are famous by their beers, brewered here locally with original recopies. Any, self respected Czech brewery will welcome tourists by setting up not expensive  ($2-4)  brewery tours with beer tastings. As a souvenir you can purchase not only a unique beer mug, but also have « a few sips» of real Czech beer – poured through Pegas Novotap without any damage to losing original taste  

Japan is really in love with the beer. While sake owns about 8% of the country’s alcohol market, beer takes down almost 60%, with four huge companies dominating the scene. Asahi Super Dry appears to be on top, closely followed by Kirin, Sopporo, and Suntory.

Australia Thanks to a genius marketing campaign the world thinks “Foster’s is Australian for beer” and yet it’s barely even available down under. The beer scene is dominated by different brands in each state, but the overall winner is Victoria Bitter, locally known as VB, which is owned by Foster’s.

China By sheer volume, it’s reported that China has passed the United States as the world’s largest beer market, even though in financial terms it’s only about a quarter as large. So those who can afford beer reach for a Tsingtao, the only Chinese beer with an aggressive export campaign, so it’s the world’s favorite Chinese beer as well. Zhujiang and Ynjing are ranked number two and three.

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