Spheres of Application

PEGAS Sputnik is a custom-made solution for HoReCa networks.

In restaurants, pubs, bowling clubs, night clubs

The unique character of PEGAS Sputnik beer towers is in use of disposable PET containers as flasks.

Dispensing into PET containers ensures a whole range of benefits to the owners of HoReCa networks:

PEGAS devices fill PET containers with beer twice as quick as a regular beer valve would. Bartenders do not lose time waiting for foam to settle. Loss of beer is minimized.

PET containers may be pre-filled and put into refrigerator prior to the heavy hours when many customers arrive at once.

The container does not need washing –time of getting the device ready for the next cycle of use is minimal.

The beer is served quickly and is aerated to the level it would be if the bartender was pouring drink into each glass from the keg.

Quick and convenient service will influence customer loyalty, hence, the profit of the place.

Various shapes of PET containers give choice to the owners of HoReCa networks: to purchase individual containers with network logos on them, or to use standard bottles with wide and narrow necks (reducer to be purchased separately).

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