Spheres of Application

PEGAS Dragon is the perfect beer tower for the PEGAS NovoTap installation. For this reason, it is of great help to all those retail outlets where the PEGAS NovoTap systems are or can be installed, namely:

  • Liquor stores, draught beer stores, etc.
  • Pubs, bars, restaurants, etc.

For all these retail outlets the PEGAS Dragon can offer the following:

  • Easy mounting to any horizontal surface,
  • Easy installation of 2 pcs PEGAS NovoTap,
  • Option for connecting a beer brand medallion,
  • Decoration of any interior due to the Italian elegance if its shape and lines.

A group of the PEGAS Dragon beer towers with the PEGAS NovoTap systems will certainly add Italian elegance to any interior. Dispensing systems are not just pieces of furniture, they are marketing tools.

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