PEGAS equipment for a beer store

Beer dispensing procedure may seem mistakenly simple. In fact, beer store owners have to put significant effort to provide customers with high quality beer.

The right choice of beer dispensing equipment will lead to business success. The equipment should include several devices with different functions. A well-coordinated operation of these devices enables customers to evaluate high quality of beer.

1. Gas tanks

One of the key principles of beer dispensing technology is to control the degree of beer saturation with CO2 and to maintain the necessary level of working pressure in the system. You need a carbon steel container for carbonic acid in order to drive beer out of a keg.

2. Regulator

A carbonic acid regulator with CO2 is used to maintain a stable level of gas pressure in the system. It is mounted on the carbonic acid container. The reducer decreases original pressure in a “storage” from 60-80 to 1-3 atm and automatically maintains the necessary level of the data.

The right choice of a reducer and its proper adjustment play a vital role, because any excessive beer pressure in a channel can result in a hose rupture or even in a mini-explosion.

3. Kegs

Production of high-quality beverages requires proper pressurization of KEGS (stainless steel containers used to store and dispense beer) performed in adherence to specifications. Beer container volumes can range from 5 to 100 liters.

4. Keg coupler

Carbon dioxide gas or “beer” gas (mixture of carbonic acid and nitrogen) is delivered to a keg through a keg coupler, thus creating there excessive pressure. Only In this case beer will be driven out of a keg through a lifting hose and main lines up to PEGAS device or a tap. Note: A keg coupler must have a beer return valve.

Keg couplers should match a fitting used on a keg ("A", "S", "С", "D", "G", "М", "U" and others). There are about 36 types of fittings corresponding to a particular trademark. For instance, "S" type is used by SUNInterbrew, "G" type by "Baltika", "М" is reserved for producers from Belorussia and Part of Ukraine, and is also widely used in USA; "D" is for "Efes" company. "A", "S", "D" and "G" are the most widespread types in Russia.

5. Cooler

A cooler is one of the most essential and costly elements of beer dispensing systems. The price of a cooler is mainly determined by its capacity, which may range from 15 to 400 liters per hour for one beer brand. This compressive device prevents beer from heating and keeps temperature at +4 +8 °С. Otherwise, higher temperature can lead to excessive foam and lower temperature can tone down the original taste of a beverage.

A Refrigerating room can be considered an option when a big amount of beer brands is sold.

6. Beer tower

The main demonstrative part of a set of beer dispensing equipment is a beer tower. It is usually designed for pouring several beer brands. Apart from its functions, it also plays an aesthetic role as it is one of the key interior elements in a store.

PEGAS Dragon is a professional high quality beer tower which was designed by PEGAS – manufacturer of foam-free beverage-dispensing systems specifically for the installation of PEGAS NovoTap beer dispenser.

7. Drip tray

A drip tray serves to store spills and drips of a dispensed beverage.

8. PEGAS foam-free beer dispenser

PEGAS is a system for fast and foam-free dispensing of beer from kegs into bottles for retail outlets. The technology underlying the work of the PEGAS® systems is based on the counter-pressure method, which presupposes filling an empty bottle with gas under the pressure equal to the pressure in a keg with beer. It ensures fast, foam-free dispensing and preserving original beverage quality. PEGAS carries PET and glass bottle dispensers PEGAS details

9. Beer tap

A Beer tap will become handy, if beer is planned to be poured in glasses.

10. Beer hose

A beer hose connects a keg and a cooler with PEGAS foam-free beer dispensing system or a beer tap.

11. Gas hose

Gas hose is used to deliver gas to PEGAS foam-free beer dispensing system.

12. Miscellaneous

PEGAS Twist – is a device that is intended for convenient bottle cap sealing on PET bottles. PEGAS 5+ – is a universal beer-dispensing device from kegs into PET bottles with the neck diameter of more than 38mm through PEGAS dispenser, PEGAS NovoTap dispenser. Washing container for two types of fittings (stainless steel) Disposable clamps

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