How to become?

Who can become a PEGAS dealer?

The Dealer Program is open to any business organization or business entity that has the following qualifications:

  • a consistent customer database,
  • an experience in distribution of similar product line,
  • a team of qualified sales representatives,
  • capabilities to order, warehouse and ship,
  • capabilities to provide warranty and post-warranty product services
  • resources to develop marketing materials.   

How to become a PEGAS dealer?

Becoming our dealer is simple. You need to make only Three Easy Steps to Acquire a Dealer Status.

You should:

  1. Submit an Application Form;
  2. Submit the first order (product, quantity, desired shipping date) as per the specified form;
  3. Sign a Dealership Agreement.

For more information on our dealership opportunities, please, contact us.

Application Form

If you're interested in becoming an authorized dealer, please fill out the Dealer Application. Your profile will enable us to better understand your business and capabilities. Our company representative will contact you with more details within one business day.

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