Success stories

Cloud3d (Pty) Ltd, South Africa

We purchased a few PEGAS CrafTap devices and arranged a road show at Capetown bars and pubs. PEGAS has created a great stir, especially in student campuses. Students appreciated the fact, that after hanging at a bar they could easily keep partying in a dorm, taking some draft beer with them.

We’re planning to install PEGAS CrafTap devices in our show room in the future and demonstrate them to everyone, expanding sales in South Africa and regions.

We definitely do like the device. It dispenses quickly, it’s safe and it blends in with the bar design.  Because of the fast dispensing, it’s possible to serve more clients, there are no queues. This a win-win situation for both clients and us!

Dispensing beer into growlers is a very new concept in South Africa. But we are really trying to educate the market into the “Growler” way of buying beer. With PEGAS CrafTap beer dispensing and serving is quicker and far more convenient.

James, managing director Cloud3d (Pty) Ltd