Success stories

Kirim Draft Equipment ltd, Republic of Korea

We always thoroughly test the equipment we provide, in order to make sure it will be highly demanded in our beer market. We have a special testing room, where we check the functioning of devices. We’ve tried out PEGAS EcoTap Next and PEGAS Steel beer dispensing devices, and PEGAS Sputnik beer tower.

We’re thrilled with the PEGAS Sputnik beer tower, we’ve never seen anything like this before! It is a really innovative solution, yet strikingly simple. Just replace an empty PET- bottle with a full one, and the tower is ready to serve the table again! Your clients won’t ever have to suffer a long order wait! The ability to use bottles of different shapes and sizes sets no limits for creativity.

Foam suppressor PEGAS EcoTap Next comes with a sleek and simple design, and is very easy to use. It’s undoubtedly reliable – the plastic it is made of is extremely durable. Besides, it is sold at an attractive price.

PEGAS Steel is a very secure device; it is entirely made of metal and thus endures a long operating life. This foam suppressor is also equipped with an innovative bottle-fixing mechanism, which excludes “stickings” completely.

PEGAS EcoTap Next and PEGAS Steel are easy to operate. Learning the way to work with them will only take 15 minutes. We’ve been testing these devices using different kinds of beer for a long period of time - and there are no complaints! Dispensing is truthfully foam-free and fast, without any beer losses!

E. J. Lee, Managing director