PEGAS Evolution

The most popular beer filler into PET-bottles

Advanced pressurized growler filling technology for plastic bottles

PEGAS Evolution

The Pegas Evolution is an advanced counter pressure PET bottle filling system for Breweries, Bottle Shops, Specialty Retailers, Grocery Stores, Convenience Stores, and Sports & Entertainment Venues


  1. Improved pressure release valve

  2. Plastic body

  3. Quick connections

  4. Ready to expand with a traditional tap

Technical Data

Filling capacity

depends on temperature, beer quality, and operator experience 45-120 L/h

45-120 L/h
CO2 Pressure to keg 2-3 bar
CO2 Flow rate to create counter pressure 2-3 bar
3 pcs of a hose for connection of beer, CO2 and drainage lines.extern.diam. 12 mm, intern. diam. 7 mm. clamps.
Outside supply hose diametr 12 mm
Inside supply hose diametr 7 mm

Plastic bottles

•Compatible with bottle neck
PCO 1810 = 21mm
PCO 1881 = 17mm
BPF = 23mm.
•It must with stand the pressure 3 bar.

Plastic Growlers

•1,89L (64oz) popular size in the U.S.
Adapter ID 141901 is required.
•For different shapes and sizes of growlers, a customized adaptor is required

PEGAS Evolution