Brewing More Craft Beer Business

There is a new effort to help craft brewers better compete in the beer business.

The Craft Beverage Modernization Act has just been proposed in Congress.

Some brewers including Dick Yuengling of Yuengling Brewery in Pottsville are excited about the new legislation being proposed, which aims to update federal tax codes and streamline regulations to benefit craft brewers and help them compete.

"You have three American brewers who sell 75% of the beer in the United States. Another 20% is sold by the Mexican brewers, so there is not a lot left for guys like us," said Yuengling. "It's important to get the small guys, the small businessmen some help."

Years ago, Yuengling received tax credits and opportunities that helped it grow, so it knows first-hand the benefit this proposed legislation could have on helping smaller craft breweries grow.

"They helped us get to this point and it's up to us to stand on our own two feet," said Yuengling.

"I'm all for it to have local breweries grow," said Michael Carnish of Summit Hill.

"Being a owner of a mom and pop business, we have to keep them going. I think that would be a great idea taking over everything," said Dennis Curran of Shamokin.

The proposed Craft Beverage Modernization Act is in the early stages of the legislation process.

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