SaveBeer: a proven technology for an innovative device

Our equipment works using the SaveBeer technology that is based on the standards of commercial beer dispensing. In 2004 the first PEGAS device was made that led to the revolution on the beer market: within several years thousands of shops, which sells plenty of beer brands, has been opened. In this article we will tell about how the way of beer bottles filling influences the quality of beverage and why PEGAS dispenses beer so quick and easy as if it is still water.
Earlier, the consumption of draft beer was not so big – people drank it mainly in food outlets. To pour beer into a PET-bottle in such a way a client could enjoy its taste at home or somewhere else was not an easy task. Simple beer taps that filled a bottle slowly and “torturously” were used in rare beer stands. One should wait until the foam settles and a significant amount of beer was just drained.

Such method was not only inconvenient for both seller and customer, but also negatively influenced beer qualities. The problem is that carbonization is an important stage of brewing. It allows improving the taste of a ready product. Brewery works aerate beer by means of industrial type carbonators. Home brewers use natural carbonization, which has been popular for already several centuries by now. An ingredient, which reacts with yeast, emits carbon dioxide. It is usually a sugar syrup or glucose. Consequently, before 2004 beer dispensed into PET-bottles through taps was loosing one of the most important qualities – an intended by a producer carbonization level. This problem was solved by using our invention – the first device for fast foam-free beer dispensing into PET-bottles.

What is the difference between PEGAS and a beer tap?

It is an innovative device with SaveBeer technology, which is based on the counter-pressure method. Beer dispensing through PEGAS differs from one through a traditional tap. Firstly gas is admitted until the pressure inside the bottle is equal to the beer keg pressure. Than a seller opens a beer dispensing pipe and vent a bit gas from the bottle using a special drain. Due to the pressure difference beer starts dispensing from a keg into a plastic bottle.

Thanks to the SaveBeer technology beer has no foam during dispensing, an intended by a producer carbonation level that means a unique taste of each beer brand is preserved. It is important to note that during beer pouring from a bottle to the mug, a traditional foam appears as if you dispense beer just from the keg.

SaveBeer technology offers other serious advantages:

  • PEGAS fills a 2 litre bottle without foam in 1 minute – it is 3 or 4 times faster than a usual beer tap; 
  • Beer won't have foam even in hot weather, even if the cooler is broken; 
  • You sell ALL beer, nothing remains in the keg, almost no drainage beer.

The owners of the business all over the world duly appreciated the efficiency of the SaveBeer technology used in all PEGAS devices. Within 10 years about 50 000 beer outlets with our equipment have been opened. In non-CIS countries NPM Group products are already being sold by more than 30 dealers.

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