Spheres of Application

PEGAS offers a new winning way of draught beer sales.

For bars and pubs:

The PEGAS Evolution device, as well as the previous generation devices, can be equipped with a tap to dispense drinks into glasses. Our design will suit places of various concepts!

For beer stores:

What makes the PEGAS Evolution so special comparing to its precursors? There are many differences, but the main one is that this device doesn’t have a cartridge. None. At all. Instead, it is equipped with the flow switch, designed by the company. As well as in a good and expensive car, all innovations and technological characteristics of the device are hidden inside: experts of the manufacturing site made a special design of the internal holes to provide the best possible liquid flow inside the product. Even if the device is not properly maintained and a sugar-containing drink dries up inside, no internal damage to the plastic material will be inflicted once the device is put into work again. The new flow switch is simple to work with: it is low-maintenance and doesn’t require replacement. The device will work at least one whole season and regular attendance will ensure its long and reliable service.

For beer distributors and breweries:

Thanks to the PEGAS Evolution device, a customer can taste the beer right the way it was brewed. One-off investment to purchase the device will quickly pay off due to its reliable service.

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