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Pegas NovoTap Counter-Pressure Filler

How to Buy

PEGAS NovoTap (model 2008) is a new generation of the PEGAS® systems. This is an improved version of the PEGAS (model 2004) beer bottle filler that has been successfully functioning on the Russian market of draught beer stores for five years.

Description: manual counter-pressure bottle filler that is mounted to a beer tower instead of a beer tap.

Function: fast and foam-free filling of draught beer from kegs into PET bottles.

Purpose of development: to design the ultimately reliable system for providing fast and foam-free filling of foamy and/or sweet beverages from kegs into PET bottles. Along with beer the PEGAS NovoTap counter-pressure filler allows filling lemonade, kvass and other beverages with high sugar content.

The technology applied in the PEGAS NovoTap ensures fast, foam-free dispensing and keeping primary beverage quality.

  • You need only
    little space for installation
  • You fill your
    bottle fast
  • You bottle your
    beer without foam
  • You can afford it!

Ultimate reliability and durability

All parts and connecting elements are made of chrome-plated brass and stainless steel. It increases wear – resistance of the system and guarantees ultimate operational reliability.

Easy installation and operation

The bottle-filler requires the same equipment for its installation as a beer tap and is operated on the analogy with a beer tap (gas supply to the bottle is the only difference). So, two-minute training is enough for servers to learn its operation procedure.

Attractive design

It has a streamline shape and hi-tech design. Besides, all hoses (for beer and gas supply, drainage) are located inside the body that makes the system even more attractive. It will become a stylish element of any interior.

Low possession cost

The prolonged performance life of the PEGAS NovoTap allows saving time and money on its maintenance. There won’t be a need for purchasing spare parts. One-time expenditures on the purchase of the system will pay back quickly and then the system will start to save profits. (To learn when the system pays back and how much profit it will save afterwards, please contact us).

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