pegas sputnik

Pegas Sputnik beer tower

How to Buy

PEGAS Sputnik is an innovative solution to serving brewed beer in a restaurant, pub or a bowling club. Any disposable PET bottle pre-filled with beer by PEGAS devices may be used with PEGAS Sputnik. Using bottles of all shapes and colors will make the serve of beer unconventional and fancy.

  • You need only
    little space for installation
  • You fill your
    bottle fast
  • You bottle your
    beer without foam
  • You can afford it!

Jet-filling of the container

Dispensing beverages into disposable PET containers using PEGAS foam-free devices ensures the speed of 45 seconds per liter, which is twice as quick as when disposing into reusable containers through a regular beer valve.

Quickly and with taste!

Airproof filling into the PET bottle allows preserving original quality of beverage and aeration of beer for a longer period of time. The customer receives beer as if the bartender poured each glass from the keg.

Non-contact, hygienic dispensing

Use of dispensable bottles ensures cleanness of the beverage and the tower. The liquid is not in contact with reusable elements of the construction.

Beer does not flatten or spill

After dispensing, small holes are made in PET bottles to prevent outgasing of beer. When the tower is being turned over, beer may slightly drip from the holes, but it will not be spilled as in the case of reusable flasks.

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