Spheres of Application

Who Benefits From Working With PEGAS CraftPad Light:

  • beer equipment sellers,
  • micro-breweries,
  • pubs and bars.

For Beer Equipment Sellers:

  • PEGAS CraftPad Light opens new opportunities for customers who has already used PEGAS CrafTap, and also allows you to make better commercial offer for new customers,
  • PEGAS CraftPad Light save your space and also take little space in the warehouse and does not require extra large rooms,
  • as PEGAS product is accompanied by a manufacturer's marketing support at the international and Russian market.

Pubs And Bars Could:

  • provide customers with a favorite beer in a glass bottle to take it away (home, on a picnic, to visit friends, etc.),
  • increase the number of customers and sales,
  • make the interior more presentable and create the effect of the show.

Micro-breweries Could Be Interested In:

  • a low cost PEGAS CraftPad Light ownership based on minimal operational costs and long life cycle of the product (at least 5 years),
  • opportunity to sell any froth beverage (including the most expensive) in glass, which helps to attract customers and increase profits,
  • saving space for bottling and effectively using of the production facilities.
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