pegas craftpad 2.0

PEGAS CraftPad Light

How to Buy

Additional equipment PEGAS CraftPad Light is stand for PEGAS Craftap and created to dispense up to 6beer brands and other foaming beverages through 1device. We have combined the key strengths of PEGAS CraftPadwith modern design and reduced the price for your business to grow with us.

  • Beer mixing
  • No additional
  • 2 in 1
  • Durable metal

PEGAS CraftPad Light – flow control switcher for foam-free beer dispenser PEGAS CrafTap (or PEGAS CrafTap 2.0.), manifold allows you to dispense up to 6 different beers

More functional:

  • 6 beer brands dispensing using the same principle as in PEGAS CraftPad. It prevents different beer brands from mixing with each other as the whole system is blown through after every single pouring. Besides, the least of the beverage goes to drainage.
  • The upper panel of PEGAS CraftPad Light builds in either horizontal or vertical surface. Now it fits every interior style and saves retail space.
  • Easier and quicker to change beer brands. 3 minutes to replace and connect new beer brand to the device.
  • Extra space to mark beer brands on the upper panel makes dispensing more convenient.

More ergonomic:

  • 30% lighter. Shipping costs reduction. 
  • Less details and holes in the surface, easier to maintain and change hoses.
  • PEGAS CraftPad Lightcan be installed separately from PEGAS Craftap according to a room’s space and interior features.

Value for money:

  • 25% cheaper than PEGAS CraftPad.
  • 50% more beer brands.
  • Case is made of durable polish stainless steel.
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