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PEGAS CrafTap is designed to develop the ’take-home’ format of draught beer trade. Some bars, pubs and microbreweries all over the world already offer take-out draught beer in glass bottles to their customers. Changing consumer habits and a new global tendency towards home beer consumption make pubs and bars re-consider their traditional ’on-premise’ policy. The PEGAS CrafTap is designed to provide microbreweries, bars and pubs a tool for cost-effective draught beer dispensing into take-home containers.


PEGAS CrafTap offers a new service.

Microbreweries and bars/pubs with an off-trade license now can offer their customers a new attractive service – ‘take-home draught beer’. Such service will increase the number of customers who want to take their favorite beer out and enjoy it at home or on a picnic. And of course, it will increase the total volume of beer sold.

PEGAS CrafTap offers a new sales channel.

Microbreweries that supply their beers to retail only in kegs now can do cost-effective manual bottling with the PEGAS ™ systems and make their beers available in local supermarkets and liquor stores.

PEGAS CrafTap saves time and efforts.

Bottle-filling with the PEGAS CrafTap is a fast and easy process. Foam and speed regulating options allow operators to control the filling process taking into account degree of foaminess of a certain beer sort and its temperature to provide the best filling procedure for the given beer style.

PEGAS CrafTap saves space.

The PEGAS CrafTap has a compact design and requires only little space on a bar counter or any other horizontal surface where it can be installed. Thus, it contributes to the effective space use.

PEGAS CrafTap is attractive.

Modern European design and special lighting surface make the PEGAS CrafTap look especially stylish. This extraordinary beer dispenser will certainly decorate any bar/pub interior and arouse customers’ interest. Beer lovers will want to see the system in operation and try their favorite beers dispensed with it.

PEGAS CrafTap is affordable.

PEGAS CrafTap is an affordable system even for small breweries, bars and pubs. Besides, it has a long service period (over 5 years) and low maintenance costs.

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