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PEGAS CrafTap 2.0 draft beer dispensers

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PEGAS CrafTap 2.0 is a new beer dispenser in the PEGAS ® product line.

Description: a beer dispensing system of cylindrical shape that is installed on a bar counter (or any other horizontal surface).

Function: fast and foam-free filling of draught beer from kegs into glass bottles.

Purpose of development: to offer beer industry a simple and compact beer dispenser that provides fast filling of beer from kegs into traditional glass bottles without beer wastage.

The technology applied in the PEGAS CrafTap 2.0 ensures fast, foam-free dispensing and keeping primary beverage quality. For dispensing of several sorts with PEGAS CrafTap 2.0 you can use PEGAS CraftPad 2.0 - switching lines manifold which allows dispensing 4 beer sorts (see photo).

The manifold is built in rest- form which can be connected to PEGAS CrafTap 2.0, directly under the dispensing system, without taking an additional place. The manifold is sold separately and can be easily connected to the device PEGAS CrafTap 2.0 from any batches.

The switching lines manifold is equipped with a tap for channels washing with a washing solution or for blowing through with CO2 what prevents mixing of several sorts.

  • You need only
    little space for installation
  • Your fill your
    bottle fast
  • You bottle your
    beer without foam
  • You can afford it!

Reduction of Beer Wastage: Up 2% to 0% waste.

Pegas CrafTap 2.0 uses an unique system that allows the user to determine the amount of foam. Therefore, the user can reduce their waste down to 2-0% while utilizing 98-100% of the product in each keg.

High Filling Rate: 2 liters in 60 seconds.

Pegas CrafTap 2.0 being a manual system uses the same operating principle found in large beer bottling factories around the world, counter-pressure method. This method ensures the bottles are filled in the way that only automatic fillers can provide - without foam and at a rate two liters in sixty seconds.

Great Variety of Glass Bottles.

Pegas CrafTap 2.0 gives the user the ability to use a wide variation of bottle sizes and shapes, so they can serve different sizes and bottle styles to fit the individual need of each establishment. Glass bottles with the following dimensions can be used:

Parameter min max
Height 250 mm 400 mm
Bottle neck outside diameter 29 mm 56.5 mm
Bottle neck inside diameter 20 mm
Bottle outside diameter (including handle) 160 mm
Bottle capacity 0.33 ltr 2 ltr

Glass bottles of any color can be used for filling, even of amber color. PEGAS CrafTap 2.0 has a special internal lighting surface that allows a user to control the level of beer filled in the bottle.

Convenient way to dispense up to 4 beer sorts.

PEGAS CrafTap 2.0 can dispense up to 4 beer sorts by means of device PEGAS CraftPad. This device is built in rest- form which can be connected to PEGAS CrafTap 2.0, directly under the dispensing system, without taking an additional place.

Little Space Required for the Product: 350x350mm.

This is a compact system that is easily installed on any horizontal surface (a bar counter in the bar or a table in the brewery). Pegas CrafTap 2.0 requires a small amount of space that makes it adaptable in any environment – only 350*350 mm of space on any horizontal surface is needed.

Easy Operations: 15 minutes of training.

Pegas CrafTap 2.0 requires 15 minutes of training time for a standard staff member. Pegas CrafTap 2.0 was designed with the same concept in mind as the Pegas taps, it functions like a conventional beer tap to ensure that anyone can use it.

Technical data

Parameter Unit of measurement Value
Filling capacity
/depends on temperature, beer qualities and operator qualification/
L/h 45-120
СО2 pressure supplied to the keg MPa (bar) 0.15-0.25 (1.5-2.5)
СО2 flow rate (to create counter-pressure) kg/h 0.2-0.8
Outside/Inside supply hose diameter mm 12/7
Power outlet (V) ~100-240
(Hz) 50-60
(A) 0.5
Power unit cord length M 1.80
Device weight, Net, Kg 12
Gross, Kg 13
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