Adapter shank

Adapter Shank — a new product for fixing foamless beer dispenser PEGAS.

Adapter shank for pegas beer dispenser 

Consists of: – 2 pieces of shank; – coupling nut; – sealing washer.

Manufactured in 2 modifications:

  1. 5/8-5/8";
  2. 5/8-1/2".

With this adapter shank you can solve 2 problems, that might occur while installing PEGAS products:

  1. Securing it to the beer towers with the thread opening of G 1/2"В , standard set of classic  PEGAS foamless dispenser would have an adapter shank which from both side will have a thread opening of G 5/8". That is why it would be impossible to secure this dispenser to a beer tower with thread connections of G 1/2". Now this problem is easy to be solve thanks to adapter shank 5/8-1/2".
  2. Direct connection to dead holes.  When you installing a PEGAS dispenser into a dead hole threading, there is a possibility of uneven placement which could lead to beer leaks and other. Both of the adapter shank modifications (5/8-1/2" and 5/8-5/8")  will let you install the dispenser straight vertically and will eliminate beverage leaks. It can be attained due to convenient adapter shank design, that is created in similarity with beer tap.

Under a custom order, there is a possibility to have dispenser PEGAS with shank G 1/2".

Adapter shanks are fast, easy and smart way to install PEGAS dispensers.

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