PEGAS solutions for brewery plants and microbreweries

Professional foam-free beer dispensing system at a brewery plant or a microbrewery is now possible without cumbersome and costly equipment. PEGAS devices ensure quick and top-quality filling of PET and glass bottles with beer. Easy mounting, installation and control, maximum reliability and exquisite design make PEGAS equipment second to none for pouring exclusive draft beers. See photos!

PET dispensers

PEGAS Evolution

Non-cartridge equipment of a classic design. The latest thing in the line of the devices for foam-free beer dispensing into PET. In outward appearance device
body strongly reminds of well-known at the market such models as – PEGAS Classic and PEGAS EcoTap Next, but if one looks “under the bonnet” it becomes clear that PEGAS Evolution is new generation equipment.

Now it’s a classic device without cartridge with an excellent ergonomics and strengthened solid-cast constructional design. Important difference – flow control handle doesn’t have cartridge! Now flow control is carried out by movements along horizontal axis instead of “up and down”. Push – gas, pull – beer. Mid-position is designed very conveniently: once a handle gets there, it completely latches thus preventing leakage of both gas and beverage.

Equipment will withstand 100 000 cycles and will work without replacement for more than a year.

Glass bottle dispensers

PEGAS Craftap

PEGAS Craftap has low cost of ownership and minimal operating costs, but long service life (over 5 years). The device allows retail selling of any carbonated beverages (including the most expensive ones). Craftap opens up a new market niche, where customers are interested in elite beers to take-away. PEGAS CraftPad saves maximum space to pour exclusive beer brands into glass containers with PEGAS Craftap.

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