PEGAS solutions for bars and restaurants

PEGAS beverage dispensing equipment allows bar and restaurant clients to take away their favorite or new beer brands. Clients can watch their favorite beverage being poured! Exclusive and ever fresh beer leaves your clients satisfied. Take-away beer will multiply your profit! See photos!

Beer in PET-bottles to take away

PEGAS Novotap

PEGAS Novotap allows to sell draft beer in PET bottles and/or glasses ( PEGAS Novotap+) and to keep a bar or restaurant interior design balanced. A set of PEGAS Dragon beer tower and two PEGAS Novotap devices made of brass with a chrome or gold finish will adorn your catering establishment.


Beer in glass bottles to take away

PEGAS Craftap & Craftpad

PEGAS Craftap can provide clients with take-away beer poured in glass bottles (to take home, to visit friends for a picnic etc). The devices are compact and take up minimum space on a bar counter. It gives your bar a guaranteed show effect and presentable appearance.

With a combination of PEGAS Craftap and PEGAS CraftPad manifold you need just a single bar counter or some little space near beer-brewing equipment to fill glass bottles with up to 4 beer brands.

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