Why to become?

Thank you for your interest in becoming a PEGAS dealer. We have built a well-developed distribution network in Russia and neighboring countries by providing a Dealership Program that helps authorized dealers achieve good margins and grow their businesses. We are determined to make our products available internationally by cooperating with innovation-oriented companies from all over the world.

You will get:        

New product in high demand that will earn profits for you

PEGAS bottle-fillers develop off-premise beer trade by opening the way for draft beer to different outdoor locations. Our systems make bottling beer an easy, fast and cost-effective process, this is why they are called ‘a must have’ for every place where take-out draft beer is served.


There is no minimum sales requirement or other commitment on your part to become a PEGAS Dealer. However, you can receive discounts for the Products if you submit and fulfill your salesplans. Besides, you can receive additional discounts for the submitted sales reports. If you are not sure about your sales plans and too busy for sending the reports, you can receive discounts for considerable PEGAS sales volume. If you submit and fulfill your sales plans, submit the sales reports, and sell a lot of PEGAS products, you will receive the biggest discount possible (as the discounts are summed up).

Lead generation

We list Dealer profiles and contact information on our website.  This will allow our visitor to choose a local company from which to purchase the PEGAS products.  This leads to great sales opportunities for your organization to sell your other products & services.

Product training and extensive consulting services

Our dealers receive a training in product installation, maintenance and after-sales service to ensure that they can provide great customer service for the end-customers of the PEGAS  product line.  Our dealers can rely on our timely technical support that will allow you quickly react to any customer questions.

Marketing support

Our dealers receive necessary advertising materials (DVDs, product catalogues, booklets, business souvenirs), PEGAS brand – book and other materials per request. Our dealers can count on our help in developing the effective marketing programs for product distribution on the assigned territory.

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